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The big announcement for the week is: if all goes as planned, Book Two should be released in less than 100 days! I was planning to wait to share this soundtrack until I announced the official release date, but things are moving along quickly enough that I wanted to share it now instead.

I’m thrilled to bring this list to you. I feel like it really captures the mood and essence of Book Two, and it has been so inspiring to me. Now that I’m in cover design mode, I’m listening to it constantly–I’m pretty sure our pets are ready to destroy every speaker in our house.

Image by Mark Solarski via StockSnap

The songs here chose me like they did with the soundtrack for Black Wolf. And just like that soundtrack, this one has hints throughout–the whole plot is played out in the music, really, if you’re paying enough attention!

Standouts on this list are:

Colin Hay’s “I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You”. I have dearly loved this song since the Garden State soundtrack. I was lucky enough to see Colin Hay live a couple of years ago on a bill with Violent Femmes and Barenaked Ladies. It was awesome. This was the second song on the Book Two soundtrack–second only to “Wolves of Winter” by Biffy Clyro (which I’m still thinking will be on each of the playlists for this series).

“Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)” by Buzzcocks was another one that I knew early on would be included. It’s perfect. Enough said.

There are a lot of power songs on this one, especially when it comes to representation for the heroine. I was stoked to find so many songs that I felt inspired the power and facets of the strong female characters I love so much. I don’t want to spoil these–but “Woman” by Diana Gordon is a major player. If you want to feel like a badass lady who can take on the whole damn world, listen to this song.

I’m including purchase links to the songs from the Book Two playlist below. You can listen to the whole playlist in order, too, over on Spotify.

Swan – Willa
I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You – Colin Hay
There’s A Wolf – Silences
Hello – Stephen
Tracks In The Snow – The Civil Wars
A Little Wicked – Valerie Broussard
Do You Remember – Jarryd James
MakeDamnSure – Taking Back Sunday
Broken Over You – Grace Mitchell
Misbehave – High Hazels
Stranger – Amber Run
Break In – Halestorm
Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve?) – Buzzcocks
Woman – Diana Gordon
Apple Pie – Rafferty
10,000 Emerald Pools – BØRNS
Be Mine – Truett
Wolves – Maldito
Don’t Let Me Go – Bandit Heart
Wild – Adam Jones, K. S. Rhoads
Missile – Dorothy
Elastic Heart – Anchor + Bell
Paper Hearts – Silver Trees, Bailey Jehl
Learn How To Fight – Besides Daniel
Come Home – Birds of Bellwoods
Wolves of the Revolution – The Arcadian Wild
Thank You – Chris Cornell
At Last – Etta James
Wolves of Winter – Biffy Clyro
Over and Over Again – Nathan Sykes, Ariana Grande

Let me know what you think of the playlist! Do you have any predictions for Book Two based on the songs here?

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    1. Yay! Thanks for the feedback on the playlist 😀 And double-YAY for that whole “less than 100 days” thing!!

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