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An image of the book cover for Brave Wolf by J. E. Martin - available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback editions on June 16, 2020 via @jemartinbooks

From the day Fourt Black met his pack, he knew it was where he belonged. He risked his life to join them, seeking freedom from the wreckage of a nightmarish past. He finally has the family he’s always longed for, and his future is full of promise and potential. But when a mysterious invitation falls into Fourt’s hands, he finds himself questioning everything he’s ever known.

Finally called back to a home he has avoided for centuries, Ren Galloway finds himself scrambling for a way to stay on Earth. He’s not worried, though, because if there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s avoiding obligations. And, as luck would have it, a Protector role has just come open. Unfortunately, it requires Ren to spend all sorts of alone time with the one man who puts him between a halo and a hard place.

Together, Fourt and Ren set off on a quest for truth that leads them straight into enemy territory. Their adventures force them to acknowledge the connection that has always burned between them, and they find themselves facing their fears and passions together. But when the past catches up with them, will the distance between time and space be too vast for their relationship to survive?


About The Author

J. E. Martin has been telling stories for as long as she can remember. As a child, she wrote and illustrated a magnificent two-page graphic novel about gerbils. She won her first writing award when she was ten years old. It wasn’t for the gerbil thing.

Her background is in theatre as an actor and director, and she enjoys some small-town fame as a radio personality. She loves dinosaurs, the ocean, gin cocktails, and competing with herself to keep up with her ever-growing reading list.

She lives on the Florida coast with her husband, where she spends her weekdays writing code, her weekends writing books, and all the rest of the time renovating their mid-century beach house. She also enjoys finding new ways to entertain three lazy cats and one enthusiastic dog. When she isn’t plotting her next novel, she’s plotting her next vacation.