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Broken Wolf by J. E. Martin

After a brutal encounter with a vampire, Morgan McPherson is left fearing for her life. She has no idea the universe is teetering on the edge of war between two factions—and she’s being used to open the door that links them. When a dangerous revelation sends her spiraling, she finds herself thrust into the Black pack’s home and right into the arms of the one man she has never managed to forget.

From the moment they met, Riley Black has been unable to ignore the way Morgan affects him. One look at her, though, and all he can see is a past full of dark memories and secrets he must keep to save his own life. One touch and the truth is clear: she’s not his mate. It doesn’t stop his desire for her or his wolf’s urge to keep her safe.

Chaos threatens to reign when dangerous truths are finally revealed. Morgan must decide which side she’s on while Riley must choose between owning up to his actions or losing the one woman who might heal his broken soul. Will they find the strength and courage to fight the demons of the past in the battle for eternal love?


About The Author

J. E. Martin has been telling stories for as long as she can remember. As a child, she wrote and illustrated a magnificent two-page graphic novel about gerbils. She won her first writing award when she was ten years old. It wasn’t for the gerbil thing.

Her background is in theatre as an actor and director, and she enjoys some small-town fame as a radio personality. She also loves music, photography, digital art, the ocean, animals, and—not surprisingly—reading.

She lives in the Southeast with her husband, their three cats, and one dog. When she isn’t writing or traveling, she’s thinking about writing and traveling.