Suddenly, A Book Cover (Or, The Story Of My Weekend)

Totally random, and super, super quick, but: I may have accidentally finished the cover design for Book Two over the weekend.

I had given myself a deadline for completion. (the date of which had nothing to do with this weekend) I was kinda just messing around with the images yesterday. I’ll do a bit of work, then step away and look at it from afar, comparing it with the vision I have in mind. Then, I’ll go back and work on it some more.

When I got toward the end of the time I had scheduled for cover stuff, I stepped back to take a look and was like, “Oh…that might actually be what I was going for right there.”

I’m going to let it marinate for a couple of days before I return to take a look (even if it’s OH. SO. TEMPTING. to look at it RIGHT. NOW!!)

But if I look again later this week, and I’m still in love: lucky me! The cover design is done!

If not…well, more work, obviously.

Anyway, have a kickass week! Cheers!

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