Book Five Soundtrack

My husband and I attended a seriously awesome concert earlier this month, and it’s had me locked in *Music Mode* for days now. Except when we’re sleeping, Every Time I Die, Mastodon, and Coheed and Cambria are blaring in at least one room of our house – and that got me thinking: it’s time to share the Bright Wolf playlist!

Book Five of The Black Wolf Series is in its final stages before publication. If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll know I share the playlist for each book with my beta readers. Now, I’m turning this latest one over to you, too!

I’ll post the links for the first four playlists below in case you missed them and want to go back, but for now, let’s get right into the action!

Book Five Soundtrack - a playlist to accompany Bright Wolf, the fifth novel of The Black Wolf Series by J. E. Martin via @jemartinbooks
Photo by Dmitry Bayer on Unsplash

What Can You Expect From The Music?


I love the number of hints in this playlist. Several of them are more obvious than others, but I keep getting reminded by my husband that most of these things are only apparent to me.

A Darker Vibe

I’m continuing to add in a few darker, edgier tunes, which I love – ICYMI, my next series takes this to the extreme, and I’m so excited about that. I’m enjoying the blend of song types on this playlist, and it’s got me even more excited for the next one – which has a whole new vibe altogether.

You might have guessed from my mention of the three bands above, I have a special place in my heart for hardcore punk, metal, and rock. I won’t apologize for my tastes, but if you’re not into those genres, the upcoming Crown Series playlists might not be for you.

Then again, if you’re not into indie and pop with a few darker tones here and there, you won’t dig The Black Wolf Series playlists, either. Big shrug, my friends. I can’t write by committee, and I can’t design playlists with everyone’s input, either.

The Usual Suspects – Covers Galore

On this new soundtrack, you’ll get the usual covers, of course. Y’all outta know by now how much I love a good cover.

A Few Standouts

I always try to name some standouts even though it’s such a tough call!  This time around, I’m giving extra stars to:

“Beautiful Girl” by Sara Bareilles. I adore the sweet simplicity of this song. It gently encompasses the struggles Reegan has been through and it suits so well for her.

“Heartbeats” by José González. I don’t think there’s a version of this song I completely dislike, but this particular cover has been near and dear since I first heard it. I’ve had it on the Book Five playlist since 2016 – if you can believe it! – and I’m excited it made the cut for the final soundtrack.

“Who Wants To Live Forever” by Breaking Benjamin. Absolutely not my favorite version of this song. Um, hello: nobody beats Freddie Mercury. However, this version of the song fits better with Graham. And since I try to stay at least a little true to the tastes of my characters when I design a playlist, I was forced to comply with bossy Senior Special Agent Floyd.

“I Love You Always Forever” by Betty Who. Let’s stick with the theme of which version of a song I prefer to round this out. This one is absolutely my favorite version of this song. In fact, I can. not. freaking. stand. the original version. Like, will not listen to it. Period. But my husband, knowing my hatred, introduced me to Betty Who’s version, and as far as I’m concerned it’s the only version. I know. Sorry. I just can’t.

Side note: we almost went to see Betty Who recently but had a family commitment that took priority over grabbing last-minute tickets. Bummer!

I’ve got you covered with purchase links (if available) to the tunes from the Book Five playlist below. You can listen to the whole playlist in order, too, over on Spotify. Be sure to follow me while you’re there 🙂

Human — Rusty Clanton (cover version not available on Amazon)
All I Want — Echos (could not find this one available on Amazon)

And in case you missed the soundtracks for Books One through Four, you can check them out here:

Okay, that’s a wrap!
What predictions do you have for Bright Wolf based on this list?

I’d love to know what you think, so let me hear from you!


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