Book Two Update

Book Two is moving along and is now out of its initial round of beta reading! It was awesome to get the responses back and see the reactions from the reader’s perspective. I love my stories, but it’s important to me that you, the reader, love them, too! It’s always kinda funny to see what little tidbits people pick up on and what they miss. Sometimes, I feel like the foreshadowing and future storylines are so obvious—but it’s easy to forget I’m so familiar with them!


I’ve completed the revisions I wanted to do from that round, and beta reading round two is now in process.

Cover design is also coming along, and I’m so excited to get that wrapped up soon.

Could I possibly tease you more about Book Two? I thought you’d never ask.

Here are some of my favorite remarks from the first round of beta reading:

You know how I love action right off the bat!


I want to know what’s up with these two!!!! Yeah, I know…spoilers.

I literally giggled out loud reading this.

First heart drop moment and you got me good.

Love how strong she is.

Sweet moment!

This just read like a combination of Harry Potter and Monty Python to me in my head.

All. The. Sass. I’m. In. Love.


So…there ya go. A little teasing teasy teaser of the things you have to look forward to!

Any predictions for Book Two? I’d love to hear them!

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