The Crown Series

What happens when a vampire comes into possession of a secret that could bring her entire race to its knees?

In the UNITY universe, the vampire race is feared above all others – not only for their powers but for their secrets.

For Aveleiyn Crown, nothing has ever come easily. Forced into the world through an unholy union, she has faced even more adversity than the average vamp. Living on the fringes of society’s acceptance does have its perks. It’s taught her to be sharp, cunning, and – when necessary – ruthless. Sure, she’s made enemies, but her allies are greater in strength and number.

After centuries of strife, Aveleiyn has finally found a home she loves, full of people she longs to protect. Then, a deadly secret lands right in Aveleiyn’s lap. Just when she thought she could relax, the bullseye on her back looms larger than ever and a dark power from her past threatens to take her down.

Can she truly rely on the renegades and outcasts she has surrounded herself with to keep her safe? Who can she trust to stand by her side when the universe demands a new queen?

This dark urban fantasy series is packed with vampires, angels, demons, shifters, and more.