My December 2018 Reading List

My December 2018 Reading List, a recap of November reads and all the new books on my list by @jemartinbooks
Happy Holidays! Here’s to wrapping up 2018 with a fabulous month of reading!

Do you ever have one of those months where you look back and think, “What just happened?”

Yeah…that was my November. It turned out to be a crazy month for me. We had a family vacation and multiple family get-togethers for the holidays. I got sick. I finished outlining Book Six and started outlining Book Seven of The Black Wolf Series. We traveled back to where my family lives to help them with Christmas decorating. Then we did all of our Christmas decorating, shopping, and most of the wrapping. I worked hard on some seriously cool stuff for a side hustle I’ve got going on. Yep, I did a whole hell of a lot.

What’s that? What about reading? Oooooops.

We’ll get back to that in a moment…


I love December. I do enjoy the nostalgia of the Christmas season, but I really love the opportunity to plan for the new year. I’ve got some thoughts about how 2019 will look, and this is the month to solidify those into actual, actionable plans.

I’m hoping I’ve got time to drop at least one or two more tricks out of my puffed sleeve (watched Anne of Green Gables as part of my yearly wrapping tradition. I’m not sorry.) We’ll just have to see, though. I’m booked pretty solid and am waiting on some stuff to come through. Trust me, if I do anything crazy, you’ll hear all about it right here!

I do want to say thank you to everyone who participated in my Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal by picking up a free copy of Black WolfThe giveaway went better than I ever could have expected and I’ve been so excited to meet some new readers through it! If you didn’t get a chance to grab it while it was free, it’s only $2.99 now – and it’s still free to KU members, but only for a little while longer!


Ahh, November. As I mentioned above, reading ended up taking a back seat to absolutely every other thing in my life. I still managed to do a bit, but now I’m going to have to push if I want to hit my sneaky secondary Goodreads Reading Challenge goal. I hit my posted goal (24 books) super early in the year. I’ve been hoping to actually read 60, though, and I’m at 54 right now. I should be able to make it happen – especially because I try to take the last week of the year off to relax and regroup. Still, knowing I’ve got that goal looming over me, I’m looking at cheating a little bit by adding in a few of the authors I know I read quickly. Don’t look at me like that. At least I’m reading! (Plus, is it ever really cheating to devour books by authors you love?)


  1. After Burn by Autumn Jones Lake
  2. Unconventional by Rebecca Royce – currently on Kindle Unlimited
  3. Unexpected by Rebecca Royce – currently on Kindle Unlimited
  4. Undeniable by Rebecca Royce – currently on Kindle Unlimited
 **Please note that anywhere I’ve listed free/Kindle Unlimited availability is accurate at the time of this post, but may not reflect current status or offers if you’re reading this at a later date**

As always, my ratings and/or reviews for the books I finished are up on Goodreads. Go check them out, add me as a friend over there, and add or rate The Black Wolf Series!


  1. After Glow by Autumn Jones Lake – I’d pre-ordered this one through Amazon and started it over the weekend. Lake’s books always go super fast for me, so I’ll probably finish it today or tomorrow.
  2. No Tomorrow by Carian Cole – How have I not yet read this one? This is how you know my November really was a hectic mind warp. I love Cole’s stuff so much and I didn’t manage to read her latest!
  3. Show Me the Way by A.L. Jackson – I read the third book in the Fight For Me series, Lead Me Home, earlier this year. Luckily, it was mostly stand-alone, so I’m going back to read the first and second.
  4. Follow Me Back by A.L. Jackson – the second book in the Fight For Me series.
  5. All of Me by A. L. Jackson – I always fly through Jackson’s work. Do you ever feel emotionally responsible for a couple? Like, this couple must get together and I have to help them by reading this book as quickly as I can! That’s how Jackson’s books are for me.
  6. More of You A. L. Jackson – Remember: it’s not cheating because I’m still reading.
  7. One Wild Ride by A.L. Jackson and Rebecca Shea – This will be the first time I’ve encountered Rebecca Shea, but I’m looking forward to it. She’s got a heap of books out, so if I like her work, I’ll have a new author to follow for 2019!
  8. All Fall Down by Christine Pope – Yes. I know. Still here, languishing away. I doubt this one will get read in 2018, but I’m trying. Really I am!
  9. Unknown cheesy Christmas romance novel – I always try to work in one really, extraordinarily melty Christmas novel in December. I haven’t chosen one yet, but be sure to check back in January to see what made the list!

If I read all those – barring All Fall Down because I’m honest enough to admit that’ll be last on my list. No hate, it’s just not as much my thing – I’ll actually make it to 62 books read for this year. I know that’s far more than some people and far, far less than others. But it’s a number that would satisfy me and make me feel like 2018 has been a successful reading year. (I had to go for two over because, hello, have you met me? Classic over-achiever.)

So, what’s on your TBR list for the last month of the year? Got anything fabulous planned for the holidays? Comment below to let me know. I can’t wait to hear!




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3 thoughts on “My December 2018 Reading List

  1. Lord have mercy. just reading your reading schedule tires me! and I read just about as fast and intensely as you do! I’m in audiobook land right now as I am spending a lot of the season on the road between home, work, and the myriad of concerts and performances I’ve been asked to attend/that I’m conducting/that I’m involved with in some way or another. and to be quite honest with you, it’s nice to let someone else read to me. I’m currently in the middle of Becoming by Michelle Obama…somewhat a departure from my norm but I do love a good autobiography/memoir from time to time. her voice is so daggum soothing too. after I finish that I’ll be moving on to Cassandra Clare’s Queen of Air and Darkness, the last book in her Dark Artifices series which I have been waiting on for forever! So perhaps not as productive as normal, but hey…life is ever changing!

    1. Nice! I used to love listening to audiobooks in the car when my dad drove. He always had one going. Back then, they were still called *Books On Tape* but let’s not talk about how that ages me 😂

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