My March 2018 Reading List

When I think of March, I often think of Las Vegas. My husband surprised me with a trip to Vegas for my 30th birthday and we had a blast. Because it was a surprise trip, I wasn’t sure of what to pack. Temperature-wise, the sandals I wore were totally appropriate. Had I known we’d be walking 30 miles over three days, however, I’d have rethought my footwear.

We roamed all OVER the place. The architecture and the sheer grandiosity of everything was a wonderfully overwhelming experience. I couldn’t believe the extravagance and the crowds and the parties. It was so very different from any of the other places I’d been at that point in my life.

Every March, I get another year older. Well, technically. See, I feel like I stopped aging around the time I turned 25. My body sometimes tells me otherwise. My hips and knees remind me of the years I spent in dance lessons and being a wild, ridiculous theatre kid and my right baby toe, broken three times onstage, throws tantrums when it rains. But my mind decided, in my 25th year, that we’d had rather enough of this getting older nonsense for one lifetime.

Luckily, when my husband turned 30 in November, new rules came into play. We’d long ago decided that when he hit 30, he would officially be older than me from that point forward. So, I got to go back to being 29 and that’s where I intend to stay. I never liked that whole 30 thing anyway.

That time my husband put me on a plane and wouldn’t tell me where we were going –
and then I somehow turned 30 in Las Vegas

Besides poor shoe choice, the only thing I regret about our Vegas trip is the chances I didn’t take. I didn’t let my husband talk me into shooting outrageous weapons at one of those insane gun ranges. I’m cool with that. But I also didn’t work up the nerve to do the Skyjump at the Stratosphere Tower – and I’m not as okay with that choice. Am I absolutely shit-my-pants afraid of heights? Yes. Yes, I am. But could I have done it? Even though my palms are sweating as I type this: yes. Yes, I could.

And that’s a big thing for me. Fear has always been a focal point in my life and I’ve always hated that–but I’ve also often let it get the better of me.

There have been times when I’ve been braver than others and done ridiculous things. I cliff dove on our honeymoon. That was high. Not Stratosphere Tower high, but still. And I can dive 100 feet below the surface of the ocean with nothing but a tank strapped to my back and a hope that I make it back to the boat alive.

Which brings me to this:

Each March, I vow to be different by the next March.

This year, my differences include a new home and a new office. I didn’t see either of those things coming. I also didn’t predict I’d be writing full-time. It’s exciting, but it’s never enough. I always want more “different” in my life.

This week, I’ll be sitting down with my planner and sketching out some things I’m hoping will be different by next March. I’ve got some ideas, but I never share my predictions. I treat them just like the wishes I make when I blow out my birthday candles. If I tell you, the wish won’t come true 😉

But wish me well – hopefully by next March, there will be even more wonderful and different magic in my life!

Speaking of wonderful and different magic, how did February reading go for you?

Here’s what my February looked like:

  1. Connections by Selena Kitt – Finished!
  2. Bears of Burden Complete Series Box Set by Candace Ayers – Finished! Holy crap – that was a lot of box set!
  3. Gaslight by Dannika Dark – Finished! Read it in a day, as expected.
  4. How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran – Finished – and loved it!
  5. The BadRedhead Media 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge by Rachel Thompson – not finished. Yes, it’s a 30-day challenge. But I found lots of things to research through this book and have clicked every single one of her links and worked through the side projects. So I’m on Day 14. But: I’ve seen a huge jump in my Twitter followers since I’ve started employing her tactics, so I’m giving it a preemptive YAY!
  6. The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf – not finished. I’m still working on this one, so I’m reporting in again. I’m a little better than halfway through now. So much good information and historical data here, but it reads like a dissertation so I’m taking my time with it like.

You guessed it: my ratings and/or reviews for the books I finished are up on Goodreads. You can rate The Black Wolf Series or add the latest books by my alter ego, too.

So, what’s on my shelf for March?


1) The Anatomy of Story: 22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller by John Truby – I’m excited about this one, which I received as a Christmas gift. I’ve had it recommended to me so many times. I’m about 20 pages in and really enjoying it so far!
2) The Republican War Against Women by Tanya Melich – Melich has more than 25 years under her belt as a former Republican activist, supporting and working for the Republican party. She’s also a feminist who witnessed firsthand the changes in policies and party lines that occurred during the last century. Her willingness to talk openly about the problems women face when it comes to politics makes her the kind of woman my ex-FIL would hate, so I’m bound by honor to read her work. I’m on Chapter Two and the history is fascinating so far.
3) Dreamlander by K. M. Weiland – After using so many of Weiland’s writing resources, I’m looking forward to actually reading one of her books. This one sounded the most immediately interesting to me, and I was thrilled to find the Kindle edition is FREE on Amazon! I haven’t started it yet, but I’ve got it downloaded and ready to go.
4) Forever Mine (Westin Pack Book 3) by Julie Trettel – I read the first two books in this series last year, so I’m curious to see what the members of this pack are up to now.
5) A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle – This is one of my favorite books of ALL time! I haven’t read it in several years, but I started my re-read yesterday and I’m already almost finished. I forgot just how much I loved this story–and I know I’ll have to buy the rest of the books in the quintet to read at some point this year. I wish I knew what had happened to my original set, but I’m guessing I let them go in one of our many moves. It’s a sad fact, but books are heavy. Heavier still when you move seven times in nine years. You learn to let go.
I’m thrilled about the movie coming out soon–mostly because we’re going to see it for my birthday. Yep. Don’t judge me. I’m getting old. I do what I want.

And there you have it. My March reading has officially begun!

What about you? Comment below to share what you’re reading this month or tell me about the best book you’ve read recently. I can’t wait to hear!


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