Blood Wolf Release Day

Happy Release Day!!

Blood Wolf is available on Amazon:

Kindle Edition

Paperback Edition

When you’ve finished the book, please consider leaving a review on Amazon. Reviews are the lifeblood of indie authors. Reviews are also almost as nice as cake and they’re much easier to share via the internet!

The rest of this post contains SPOILERS if you haven’t read Black Wolf or Born WolfStop here and read the series first. Oh, yeah, and here’s a little Thorne love for ya:


When I started writing Black Wolf, I didn’t know all the relationships that would branch out in front of me. Early on, though, I began to get these little gut checks about who my couples would be.

I’ve mentioned that when I write, it’s like watching a movie. I see the scenes play out, then I try to record them in words to the best of my ability.

This was so true of Avery and Diesel. The second I met Avery Wells, I knew she had a long and tortured history with the gruffest, blondest member of the Black pack–and I knew she was the one who would show me Diesel’s softer side.

The same was true with Em and Thorne. The moment Thorne set his eyes on Em for the first time in the middle of the great hall in Black Wolf, that was it. Thorne’s Fate was sealed. Sure, he already knows about Em by that point–she’s Grace’s lifelong best friend, so the whole pack is aware of her existence. But when I was writing that scene, there was something about the unapologetic way Em traipsed right into Thorne’s personal space. I could feel the way Thorne got fired up and I knew he was done for.

I’ve been so eager to explore Thorne and Em’s love story since I realized they were meant to be. I was able to watch their relationship grow in the background of the first two books, but that was nothing compared to finally getting hands-on with them.

I heard from many of you with the hope that Thorne and Em would be next, and I totally get why. I’ll admit I have a very large, very special place in my heart for Thorne, so I truly hope you enjoy reading his story. There’s so much more to him than his bad mood, luxurious hair, and all those tattoos! When I really got to know him on a deeper level, his secrets surprised me–and led me to discover some things I didn’t know about his younger siblings, too.

I love it when my characters surprise me, and they seem to do it all the time. Speaking of that, I’m so excited for you to meet Asher–and I can’t wait to hear what you think of him. He surprised me by showing up in an uncredited cameo in Born Wolf–cheers to my beta readers who picked up on that after reading Blood Wolf! Seriously: let me know what you think of Asher because I’m dying to know where you stand 😉

Oh, and stick around all the way through the last pages. There may or may not be a little teaser in there for you (hint: there totally is).

Happy reading, my friend!

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