Bring It On

Ever known someone who needed To Do lists for their To Do lists?

Hi. That’s me.

Image by Ryan McGuire via Gratisography

Being the wildly optimistic overachiever I am, I made a bold plan back in January.

“What is it?” you ask.

Oh, you know. Just working on the second edition of Black Wolf while Born Wolf is on the verge of release.

“Why?!” you ask.
“It was perfect!” you say. (Aww, you’re too kind.)

Yeah, only…no. (Also, why did I think I would have the time to do this while releasing my second book and preparing to go on vacation?!)

Thankfully, I don’t intend to change the story at all. There are, however, spelling, grammar, and formatting errors I’ve picked up on post-publication that I want to amend.

So, here I am. Preparing not ONE book for launch, but TWO. (Again, why did I do this to myself?!)

One thing I’m super excited about is that I’m using Vellum to make my ebooks much prettier for this release. Plus, there are a bunch of other ebook platforms out there I’d like to publish to, and Vellum is my saving grace (oh, hey: unintentional Black Wolf pun!)

I hadn’t heard of Vellum until an email conversation a while back with one of my author pals, A.K.R. Scott. (If you enjoy fantasy and haven’t yet checked out The Music Maker Series, you should go forth and become acquainted with it!)

Real talk: I’m not affiliated in any way with Vellum. I just think it’s pretty great stuff.

Anyway, Vellum is a fantastic piece of software for indie authors and self-publishers. It’s relatively easy and straightforward to use; it gives you a chance to view your work in a simulation of basically every major electronic reading device out there; and it provides you the ability to produce your file in multiple formats–which cuts the work down significantly!

I’m excited to finish my final edits on both books (hopefully this week–oh, please, please, please this week!) so I can dive into finalizing my pretty, pretty books. I can’t wait to get them uploaded for release!

I’m still trying my best to have everything wrapped up before we go out of town for our anniversary trip. I’ve been working 12-18 hours a day, almost every day, since Thanksgiving to bring Born Wolf to life. And while I love the pressure, breakneck speed, and hectic schedule, I’m telling you right now: all I intend to do on our trip is snooze in the sun, dive in the sea, and down endless adult beverages. End of speech.

What are you up to this week?

3 thoughts on “Bring It On

  1. Hooray for Vellum! And, rumor has it there’s soon to be a print format update?? Oh, please oh, please.
    Have a fabulous vacation. Good luck turning off the story brain. 😅

    1. Thanks, girl!
      And about that story brain…should I admit that I’ve already got my Book Three notebook set up and it’ll be in my bag (just in case)?

      1. Color me unsurprised by the book three notebook…
        Oh my author friends. I feel your hectic schedules right now.

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