An Update From Grace

Hi, everyone! I wanted to stop by really quickly to let you all know what the pack has been up to since the last time you saw us!


Lathan and I are super-busy right now getting ready for our first big vacation as a mated couple. Lathan wants to see all the places I got to experience while I was away from Fairview, so we’ll be doing a little globe-trotting for the next two months. We’re planning to wrap it up with some island hopping in the Caribbean, which will be great timing since winter has rolled in on us!

I’m a little worried about the challenge of taking Blaze with us everywhere. I mean, aren’t people going to be weirded out by a wolf hanging out with us? I dunno—Lathan says we won’t have to worry about it, which is Lathan-speak for “I’ll pay off anyone who gives me shit.” He’s been doing this way longer than I have, so I totally trust him on that one.

I’m so excited he’s decided we can take this trip. He’s been crazy-busy since he took the spot on the council, and he definitely deserves a break! I’ve got to tell you: he has really stepped up to the role of pack leader. I couldn’t be prouder—and to be honest, it’s really sexy when he puts on his alpha voice and starts bossing everyone around. Not that he can boss me around—but I let him, sometimes, because it’s so cute. Oh—don’t tell him I called it cute, though.

Diesel’s going to be in charge of the pack while we’re away, and he’s definitely up to the task. He likes to come off as such a hard-ass, but deep down, he’s so genuine and caring—he gave up his room for Fourt, you know, and moved out to the old bunkhouse. He grumbles about the conditions out there a lot. I get the feeling that’s going to turn into a major renovation project at some point in the near future. Maybe he’ll work on that while we’re gone. Knowing Diesel, he’ll want to work around the clock. The pack will go crazy if he’s using power tools at three in the morning!

Thorne has been spending all his free time in his studio. I’ve tried to get in there to peek at his work, but he’s like a wolf-ninja. I even put Blaze on lookout one time. I don’t know how he knows when I’m heading down there to sneak around, but he always shows up in time to keep me out. The last time, he shifted and his wolf guarded the door for a whole day. I had to swear on my stuffed bunny that I wouldn’t go creeping around there anymore. I wish he’d just tell me what he’s up to so secretly. I know some of it is painting because sometimes he comes out with paint on his hands or a little smudge across his forehead. I don’t get why he’s such a grouch about it—I just think it would be nice to hang some of his art around the house, that’s all.

Riley…oh, Riley. Riley’s always up to something. Most recently, though, he tried to date a cougar. And I’m not talking an older woman who’s into young, hot guys. I mean an actual cougar. To be fair, he didn’t know she was a cougar. None of us did—at least not until he came home with his clothes torn to shreds and a few chunks of hair missing. It didn’t discourage him, though. He was back at the Three Moons two nights later, trying to find someone new. Unfortunately for him, it took weeks for his hair to grow back in, and that chopped-up look didn’t do him any favors with the ladies.

Reegan completed her Healer training and moved back home. I’m enjoying getting to know her better. She and Em have gotten close, too, which is kinda funny since Em can be so boisterous and Reegan is more reserved. But she’s so sweet and she brings so much joy to the household—it’s easy to see why everyone adores her! She’s been excited to have the opportunity to use her Healer abilities every time anyone has needed them, too. She even used her power to relieve Thorne’s pain when he stubbed his toe. I think that was more to get him to stop griping than anything, but it worked. We’re seriously so lucky to have her around.

Fourt is working with the guys in the contracting business, now. He got his hands dirty with a few renovation projects around the house and decided he wanted to get more involved. He has grown a lot, and he’s filling out now that he’s doing so much heavy lifting on the building sites. It’s strange to remember that he’s not a blood-member of the pack. He looks just like the rest of the family, and he has taken to pack life so well. He’s a whiz with computers, too. Who would have guessed a sixty-year-old wolf who’d never touched a computer before would be such a natural?

Mom and Dad have retired, although they still work on contract projects for UNITY when they want to. Mostly, I think they’ve spent the last month or so working on a spray that dissolves dust. Apparently, they didn’t know housework could be such a chore! They try to join us for a meal at least once a day. We usually have to send Ren to get them, because they stay so wrapped up in their lab that they forget about mealtimes. They can’t resist Thorne’s cooking, though. My relationship with them is really, really good. You almost wouldn’t know there was ever a rift between us. They’ve become surrogate parents for the rest of the pack, too, which makes me so proud!

Em is…well, Em. She’s still living in her apartment, even though she spends most of her time at our place. I’ve tried to convince her to move in here permanently, but she says she’s determined to maintain her independence. Basically, that translates to her ability to date around and take guys home without having to get the third degree from the pack. The one time she brought a man to the Three Moons while the pack was out, the guys gave her date such a hard time that she ended up leaving in a huff.

Ren has become a permanent resident of our home, even though he’s not a member of the pack. He’s quasi-retired, in that he doesn’t have to travel anymore, though he’s still serving as my parents’ Protector. They offered him my old room so he could stay with them, but he seems perfectly happy to loaf around our place. It’s all about the constant supply of ice cream. He’s definitely taking advantage of his retirement—he was never that lazy when he was taking care of me! He jumps straight to work the second it’s required of him, though. Now, if we could just get him to stop using all those accents…

So…yeah. I think that’s it for now, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be hearing more from us soon.
I can’t wait!

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