Broken Wolf Speed Art Cover Mock-Up

Hi there, reader friends!

I get a bunch of questions about my book covers, so I did a screen recording of the original mock-up for Broken Wolf.

The question I get the most is who designs them, and the answer is: I do!

Back before I decided to go the theatre route, I was all set to go to school for graphic design. I’ve had to build my skills back up, but it’s been a blast – so much has changed in the industry since I first intended to make it my career.

In this video, I’m showing a warp speed start to finish of the first cover mock-up for my novel, Broken Wolf.

Broken Wolf Speed Art Cover Mock-Up
watch the video on YouTube

I initially thought I might post it as a tutorial or walk-through on YouTube, so I didn’t use any keyboard shortcuts, but the video ended up being so long that it worked better as speed art. Hope you enjoy it ❤️

Music Credits
Happy Rock • Going Higher • Rumble
all from

I am open to working on commissions for other people in my free time, so if you’re looking for a book cover or anything else like what I’ve done here, please feel free to reach out!

And remember: Broken Wolf comes out July 10, 2018


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