Book Four Update

I am so, SO ready to say this: I see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to outlining Book Four of The Black Wolf Series!

Book Four Update
What my mind looks like right now…

This outlining process has been my lengthiest and most intense yet, and for a good reason. There are new factions to consider and old factions to build out. There are new settings and characters to be developed. There’s also lots and lots of backstory to examine.

I mentioned on Twitter that I expected this outlining process to be a breeze. After all, I’m three books in and know the characters, right?

Um. Wrong.

I knew the basics, but really digging in?

Yeah. I wasn’t prepared for all I discovered. Every time I asked a new question, another passageway opened with doors that led off in every direction. And, of course, I’m curious–so I had to know what was behind each and every one of those doors! I’ve wandered all around the UNITY universe for this one.

But, finally, I’m down to the last bits. I’m going back and addressing each of the tabs stuck to my notebook pages. The many, many reminders of places where I have a little more to do or a little more to examine.

Still, it’s progress.

I’m pushing to have my outlining completed by the end of February. With my new writing schedule, that should (hopefully) allow plenty of time to make the deadline I have in mind. There are some very important, kinda secret reasons why I want to hit this particular deadline. In fact, a lot of my life right now is leading up to it.

I’ll always post here when I have news–but remember, you can sign up for my email list to get updates, too. Can’t wait to share more with you as this book unfolds!


One thought on “Book Four Update

  1. Your process dumbfounds me. But you have the most INCREDIBLE outcome from all of it. You keep doing you! So PROUD of what you have done!

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