Let Go Of Perfection

Let Go Of Perfection

It’s time to let go.

Let go of perfection. Of the thing keeping you from creating what you want. Of the voice inside you that whispers, “Not good enough. Never good enough.”

Let go of the fear of what others will say. Your creativity does not belong to them. It isn’t theirs to judge.

Let go of the past. Of the things you see as failures. Let go of the future. It isn’t yours yet.

Let go of the idea that you are obligated to achieve anything more than what you, alone, wish to achieve.

Let go of all measures of success that don’t measure up to success for you.

Let go of the words and let them go where they may.

Let go of your control and let creativity flow through you.

Let go of all the things that do not serve your mission. Breathe in and let go.

Let go of the hopes and dreams. They fly higher when you don’t restrain them.

Let go of the haters. Yeah, I said ‘haters’. They don’t boost you up? Just let them go.

Let go of perfection. It’s only a concept. You’ll always want to do more. Be more. Have more. Make more. Write more. Create more.

Perfection is a burden. Its heavy cloud rises over you, folds in on you, presses you down.

Let go of perfection. You don’t even need it.

What you need is inside you. You already have it.

It’s already perfect.

It’s time to let go.

2 thoughts on “Let Go Of Perfection

  1. Damn girl. Throw a stake through my heart!!

    Oh wait, you weren’t talking to me and giving me a verbal lashing? Oh. Because I thought you were, see. Well. Isn’t that awkward? Beautiful poem.

    Excuse me. I have some life to go fix.

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