The Light At The End Of The Book Two Tunnel


Image by YulianitaDM via Pixabay


I’ve seen it for the first time: the light at the end of the Book Two tunnel.

After months and months of work, I finally caught a glimpse of the tiniest pinpoint in the darkness. It happened this week when I ordered the first proof copy of the book. That copy is proof (snicker. see what I did there?) that things are happening, and I can’t wait to hold it in my hands!

As a self-published author, you have total control over the process. Want to outsource the cover design? You can do that. Can’t stand writing book blurbs? There are plenty of folks who’d love to make a quick buck to do it for you.

As a self-publishing author who prefers to go the near-sadist glutton for punishment route, I do it almost all myself. It’s all on my shoulders except for the beta reading and final editing. I don’t feel that these are things I, as an author, should do. My opinion is that it’s important to have other eyes on your work because it’s your work. You’re too close to it to offer yourself independent insight.

So, I have a delightful cadre of beta readers whose opinions I value and trust. Some of them are kinder than others (I kid…but really) and each of them offers a different approach or deals with a different aspect I’m looking for. I also have an editor in the very last stage of the game (after I’ve run my work through a gauntlet of auto-editors). I need that one final set of eyes.

Because I’m hardcore (and that’s not necessarily a good thing–or a bad thing) about going it solo, I live in a certain state of *death-defying tightrope juggling act* at pretty much all times when it comes to my creative life.

This is one of the reasons it’s so nice to place that first proof order.

After all that time juggling a to-do list about ten miles long, things are finally starting to come together. It’s a precarious process of determining when to do these revisions and when to do that design element–obviously, you don’t want to work yourself to death, but you also don’t want to waste valuable time. At long last, though, I’m not teetering off to one side of my tightrope or the other. I’m more centered, and my flaming batons (or whatever the hell jugglers juggle) are cooperating with me.

Book Two has entered the final editing stage now, and the proof means I’m checking out my cover design. Do things line up where they should be? Is the text centered? Did anything weird happen to my colors or layout? Are the words in my synopsis spelled correctly?

As soon as I have that copy in hand, I’ll know for certain.

Then, it’s down to tweaking the cover and fixing whatever feedback I get from the editing process so I can finalize the manuscript.

And then?

Well…then…it goes live. Not quite that easily. But it’s getting there, and I’m thrilled.

I know I’m doing it right when I sit back in my desk chair and announce, with a satisfied sigh, that Book Two is almost done. And then, my husband asks me, “So, where are you on Book Three?”

LOL. Uh…oh, yeah.

That’s right. Easy to forget, when you see the light at the end of one tunnel, that there’s another tunnel coming soon.

I feel like I’m getting ready to go over the last hill of an awesome roller coaster, and as soon as the ride is over, I’ll be racing to get in line for the next one. Always gotta chase those chain hills. Good thing I dig thrill rides!

Thanks for sticking with me, friends. Can’t wait to bring you more good stuff.

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