A Character For Every Season

*Pick one of your characters to represent each of the four seasons*

That was the challenge I saw on Pinterest. It seemed like fun at the time. This could be because practically everything on Pinterest seems like fun at the time. But I saw it, and I thought, “Ah, yes! I shall attempt to posit a sensible response to that query!” in a way that sounded much more like, “Huh. That’s a weird question. Can I answer that?”

I tell you all of the above because later on, you’ll be doing something completely different, and you’ll be hit with a thought of your own. It will probably go something like, “Um…exactly what in the hell did I read on J. E. Martin’s blog today?!”

Now you know the plan: we’re going to blame it on Pinterest, and leave it at that. Okay? Okay!

Image by Lukas Budimaier via Stocksnap

I think of Thorne when I think of winter. It has nothing to do with his tolerance for cold weather. It’s not even quite linked to the obvious dark, broodiness of winter that could be seen as a reflection of his personality. No, it has the most to do with the promise of spring that whispers at the edges of the cold, late days of winter. Thorne’s superficial moody-broodiness often leaves others around him feeling like they’re being held at arm’s length. The kind, gentle nature he lets out when he is comfortable enough to do so is a promise of brighter, warmer things to come.

Image by Arno Smit via Stocksnap

My pick for spring is Grace. She is the first character we see go through a total change, and her change is pretty major (no spoilers). I know, I know, that’s so obvious and lame. Whatever. It’s my first choice, and I’m going with it. She’s fresh and new and we don’t really know what’s going to come, but we know it’s going to be something good. I think you’ll see her continue to grow and develop as she comes into her own throughout the rest of the series.

My husband, on the other hand, says spring must *absolutely, without a doubt, no questions asked* be assigned to Aveleiyn. I asked him why and he said he couldn’t explain it and that he didn’t even know if the choice made sense, but he couldn’t see anyone else matching up with spring. Maybe it’s the pink hair??

Image by Yoann Boyer via Stocksnap

For summer, I had to go with Fourt. I will tell you, though, it was a close tie between Fourt and Riley.
Riley would like nothing better than for everyone in the universe to see Riley shirtless and Riley sweaty and Riley looking hot and tanned in the summer sun. Riley would like to take his shirt off right now, in fact. Wait…now Riley would like to know why he was wearing a shirt in the first place.
But Fourt? Well, Fourt deserves to soak up all the sunshine his little heart desires, doesn’t he? And, besides: summer calls for sunglasses the way Broadway calls for show tunes.
Beyond that, though, summer symbolizes freedom and a chance to be carefree. This, of course, points to some of Fourt’s deepest desires. Will he get a chance to realize those dreams?

Image by Alisa Anton via Stocksnap    

Reegan is the character who most represents fall in my mind. Fall makes me think of things that are cozy, comfortable, and homey. Those are all words that remind me of Reegan. Though we don’t see much of her in Black Wolf, we know that she is missed when she is away. As the one-time only female member of the household and Riley’s twin, she brings with her a cozy, warm feeling when she returns home for a visit. She drops back in easily with her family, the same way you drop easily back into your favorite fall blanket or coat. I adore Reegan, and I’m excited for everyone to get to know her more. I hope you’ll see some of these traits in her as you get to spend more time with her in the future.

So…that’s it. We made it. A character for every season.

What do you think: did I get it right? Should Aveleiyn have been spring? Who would you choose?

2 thoughts on “A Character For Every Season

  1. Winter: Diesel…It’s just the slight stoicism reminds me of the stereotypes of the northern climes. So often the peoples of the Scandinavian countries…even Russia…are pegged as stoics. But there’s a great depth of emotion and celebration under the surface. Which makes me think of the way our calendar works. In the heart of winter there are days of great emotion and celebration.

    Spring: I kinda have to go with your hubs on this. Aveleiyn has this inherent bubblyness that reminds me of water in a spring bubbling up to break the ice on top. Also her strength given situations in the story line. Spring must be strong to break winter’s hold.

    Summer: I like the selection of Fourt and I’m totally cool with it. But it’s Riley for me. His attitude is just SUMMER CHILL.

    Autumn: You have an unfair advantage knowing Reegan, so I have to trust you on it, but for me Em is the one. Em reminds me of high school and college (maybe for more reasons than one) and for reasons such as my hobbies and extracurriculars, many of my memories of those days are very fall oriented.

    So yeah…that’s how that lines out for me.

    1. Nice! Thanks for input. I can absolutely see where you’re coming from on all of these.
      Super excited to see if you still think the same way after the next few books 😀 😉

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