A Black Wolf Christmas List

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been all about the introspective. I’ve reflected on when I’ll start to feel like an author and how, exactly, I go about plotting my work.

So, this week, I thought I’d have a little fun! With the holidays upon us, and Christmas gifts arriving at our door (and waiting to be wrapped!) every day, I decided to sit down with the members of the Black pack–and a few friends–to put together a Christmas list of things they might like to receive. I didn’t get a chance to hear from everyone. You never know what some of these folks might be up to!

I asked each character the same thing: what one item would you like for Christmas?

Their responses were all different–although more than one person wanted shoes and food was a favorite choice! A couple of people wanted clothes, too, though one pair didn’t mean for that to end up on the list. It was fabulous to visit with them!

Think you know the Black Wolf cast well enough to guess? Their answers are below! Or, if you prefer to be surprised, check my board on Pinterest this weekend.

Happy guessing!

Answers from top (left to right)

Leather Planner
Lathan: Have you seen my mate? Take one look at her and tell me I don’t have everything I could possibly want.
Me: You have to choose.
Lathan: What do you mean I HAVE to choose? I’m an alpha. I don’t *have to* anything.
Me: <Silence as I wait.>
Lathan: Fine. Something to help me keep all my work shit together. I guess. Wait–now I’m worried. What did Grace put on her list?

Hiking Boots
Grace: Is it way too much information if I say I can always use more hiking boots? Whatever, I’m blushing, shut up. Do you think Lathan would like these?

Matching sciency ugly Christmas sweaters
Chris: Wait–you already got our answer? Who said we wanted matching sciency ugly Christmas sweaters?
Allie: It was Ren.

Little Black Dresses
Em: OMG. Okay. Let me see. Little black dresses, shoes, purses, makeup, jewelry, cake–
Me: It’s only supposed to be one thing.
Em: Oh–wait. Only one thing? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
Me: Yep.
Em: Then you get the dresses, and I’ll get the rest myself.

Identical Black Sweaters
Thorne: I don’t care if that woman thinks they’re stupid. Hell, that’s all the more reason. Identical black sweaters. As many as possible.

Diesel: Rope.

Riley: We need all the chips–and we’re out of the cheddar ones!

Fourt:  Oh, no! Please! You guys don’t have to get me anything. You’ve already given me way too much!
Me: Like we wouldn’t get you a gift? You’re getting something, so pick!
Fourt: …I guess if I have to choose, I’d say sunglasses.

Black Boots
Aveleiyn: Leather, of course, my pet. These boots would do nicely.

Ice Cream Vending Machine
Ren: Do you think you can convince Diesel to install an ice cream vending machine in the bunkhouse, love?

Bubble Gum
Reegan: Bubble gum, please!

2 thoughts on “A Black Wolf Christmas List

    1. Hmm..wouldn’t we all like to know! I’d be willing to bet we’ll learn more about that at some point in the future 😉

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