Black Wolf ~ The Black Wolf Series: Book One

Grace Dawes is enjoying a boring, anonymous life in the aftermath of a tumultuous childhood until a call from her estranged parents takes her back to her hometown. When the visit gets derailed by a menacing intruder in her parents’ home and Grace’s life is put on the line, she comes face to face with a man she believed existed only in her dreams.

Lathan Black has spent fifteen years trying to get over the only woman his heart has ever truly desired. The ambitious young shifter rules himself, his wolf, and his pack with total control. But when Grace crashes unexpectedly back into town and falls into mortal danger, he and his family are the only ones she can turn to for help.

Plunged into a universe of magic, Grace must choose whether or not to abandon her carefully structured life to fulfill an extraordinary destiny she has never been prepared for. Lathan must grapple with the rigid composure holding him back from becoming the wolf he is meant to be.

Can they give up control long enough to explore the promise of love?