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Bright Wolf by J. E. Martin - available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback editions on July 9, 2019 via @jemartinbooks

Reegan Black lives her life with a fear of responsibility and a closely-guarded heart. An omega wolf interested only in keeping her head down and her family safe, she freezes up when Fate’s path for her leads straight into the arms of danger.

Retired UNITY agent Graham Floyd has always been willing to run right into the fire. As a human in the magical realm, he faces each day like it could be his last. With war on the wind, he dives in to save the world he has always fought to protect – a world to which he doesn’t belong.

With Fate mysteriously quiet, the leader of the wolf race demands a dangerous favor from Reegan, the only Healer she trusts. The mission forces Reegan and Graham to work together and sparks fly, but dark secrets lurk in the space between them.

When a dangerous shadow from the past returns to overthrow UNITY, no one is safe. Will Reegan and Graham face the fire together, or will they both be burned by the flames?