Music Notes

Music has always been a huge part of my life. My parents both love listening to and making music, so it has been a part of my environment since day one. Actually, I’m sure my mother would correct me–my parents were the sort of people who exposed me to music long before I’d actually entered the world.

I can play a few instruments (poorly) and can sing (in the shower or car, especially). But listening to music is my real joy.

Unfortunately, I can’t listen to music when I’m writing because it becomes a distraction. When I’m not writing, however, I find music to be especially inspiring. Certain lyrics, of course, can inspire thoughts or evoke emotions. More often, though, inspiration comes from the music itself. The feeling or mood the music gives me when I hear it is typically much more powerful than the content of a song.

Image by Jan Vašek via Stocksnap

I have so many playlists on my personal Spotify account. The entire Black Wolf series is sketched out in music, really. Along with the next planned series and two other untitled, un-figured-out things I might write in the future. Plus there are the playlists of songs that haven’t yet found a home, but will likely belong to other things I work on some day.

As I’ve been working my way through Book Two, I’ve been zeroing in on which songs are inspiring me the most. I’ve got a playlist full of things that I’ve been chiseling down. It’s not really an idea of what songs *belong* to the book, but more of which tunes get me feeling the way I need to as I mentally walk myself through the plot and problems.

I’ve found playlists to be the most useful when I’m doing chores or getting ready for the day. It’s a shock how many ideas can come to you when you’re washing your hair or loading the dishwasher.

You can take a listen to the soundtrack for Black Wolf Book One here.

Does music inspire you?

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